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Drone " Hobby" registration is back

In early December 2017 the drone registration for the Hobbyist got reinstated. Therefore you will have to register your UAS, drone which weights more than 250 grams or 0.55 pounds and up to 25kg or 55 pounds with the FAA before you can take off into US airspace.


You will be subject to civil and criminal penalties if you meet the criteria to register and unmanned aircraft and do not register !

register your UAV, drone here

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" We build them, we test them, we fly them, and from time to time, we crash them "

One of our many training air frames, the classing DJI S900

We started back in 2008 tinkering, building our own air frames, and therefore we use the phrase build it, hover it, and then fly it " BUILD-HOVER-FLY ".     We are here to help you build your own aircraft like a RC drone or other drones. We can help you install the latest hardware and firmware into your DJI Phantom drone or RC drones.

We always start with the basics first and go from there, but have fun doing it; only practice makes you fly like a pro. Do not be the guy who flies beyond the visual line of sight, or flies higher than 400 feet, or around an airport less then 5 miles from its center. Please, fly safe and enjoy this hobby as many have done before you. 

Our First 14CFR part 107 Class

One of our 14CFR part 107 class

Scott's students: we all passed the 14CFR part 107 two weeks later. Thank you, Scott!!

Another new student pilot

We have trained many new pilots from BIG to small. Just get in touch with us either via the below SIGN UP button or call us at 888-5770428


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